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many citizens UK or buy a real license in the UK each year to do their

to get a driver's license. The reason for this is often an DVLA condition after the revocation of the driver's license. The cost and time commitment required for a DVLA make it worth considering the UK driving licence. However, doing this in the UK is not as cheap as most people imagine. It's not just about the driver's license, but also the costs associated with it.

If you factor in travel, fuel, hotel and meals, as well as driving lessons and official driver's license fees, anyone looking to get a UK driver's license will end up spending a lot of money. money. The B license alone costs you on average 2,600 Pounds, with B + A it is around 3,600 Pounds. There are also driving lessons, exam fees, petrol and translators as well as notarized documents for requested documents.

But the cost of the UK driving license is not everything. You need a residence and you have to show some documents for it. The driving test itself isn't exactly easy either, and learner drivers often fail before they pass.

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As already mentioned, when applying for a UK driving license, it is necessary to indicate a permanent place of residence. The friend's address is not enough, but rental contracts, payslips, employment contracts and other documents are necessary to prove it. Some driving schools offer residency as part of their "package" but at an additional cost which only further increases the cost of buying a real UK driving licence. You can make a calculation error there.

In addition, the driving test in UK and theory are very difficult and learner drivers often fail more than once, which not only leads to additional expense, but also waste of time. Because driving schools charge a little when it comes to the exam and of course you have to take more driving lessons.

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