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How to register for a driving license in the UK

You have decided to pass the driving license in United Kingdom? Very nice challenge! It may seem difficult and sometimes impossible when you don't understand the language and have no driving experience. But yet it is easier to obtain in UK than in other countries. The first thing to do is to choose your driving school, but the procedures can also be done in the office of the prefecture closest to your home.

In this case it is possible to fill in the form directly, complete it in order to save time by click here. we will teach you how to buy a UK driving license. United kingdom driving license.

Your UK driving license application file must be complete and include a certain number of documents, forms and supporting documents to be admissible. In order to save time, Paris advises you to prepare your file and check it before going to a driving school or a road traffic office.

Buy an original UK driving license online. for the year 2023 or special preferences can be backdated. Valid for 15 years. In the United Kingdom, the driving license is a government right granted to those who apply for a license for any of the categories they wish. It is mandatory for any type of motorized vehicle. Buy an UK driving license

comment acheter un permis moto
permis de voiture B
permis de bus C
permis camion D

There are different category A driving licenses, which depend on the power and engine capacity of the motorcycle or scooter you want to drive,

Driver's license A1, A2, A, motorcycle AM, you have three types of driver's license: A1, A2 AM or license. Two-wheel mopeds (category L1e) with a rated speed not exceeding 45 km/h and a cylinder capacity less than or equal to 50 cm³. 

It is important to note that the A2 permit can be obtained directly, without going through the A1 permit, by following specific training and passing an additional practical exam.

The category B driving license is the driving license that allows you to drive light cars, i.e. vehicles weighing less than 3.5 tonnes. There are several sub-categories of category B driving licenses, depending on the transmission of the vehicle and the presence or not of a trailer: Driving license B1, B, BE and B96. The B license is the most known and acquired license, as it allows the driving of normal cars.

It is important to note that to obtain a category B driving licence, it is necessary to follow practical and theoretical training provided by an approved driving school, and to pass a practical and theoretical test.

Driving license category C concerns goods transport vehicles, whose gross vehicle weight (PTAC) is greater than 3.5 tonnes. There are several types of category C driving licenses, depending on the configuration of the vehicle and the use for which it is intended.

C and C1 Driving License The C driving license is the driving license most requested by professionals, as it allows you to drive "trucks" or vehicles designed to transport objects by yourself (however, it is now required for commercial transport). CQC goods)

Driving license category D is for public transport vehicles, such as buses and coaches. There are different types of Class D driving licenses depending on the size and use of the vehicle.
Driving license D and D1 A driving license D allows the driving of vehicles for the transport of people with more than 9 seats, including that of the driver (bus), but only for personal use. It is important to note that to obtain these driving licenses, it is necessary to follow specific training and pass a theoretical and practical exam. Requirements vary by country, but in general, the training includes theoretical lessons and hours of driving with a vehicle adapted to the category of license concerned.

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Our online UK driving license is recognised throughout Europe. In addition, the language can sometimes be an obstacle to taking lessons and learning to drive. we therefore advise you on how to buy a European driving license online.

Nevertheless, even if the UK highway code is substantially the same as in other European countries or in other European countries, it is necessary to learn to drive like an Englishman. How much does it cost and how to buy a driving license in the UK?

What are the different steps to register and pass the driving test? what to do to pass the UK highway code exam? How to pass the driving test in the UK? Purchase Driving License Without Examination, London, Foreign Driving License Exchange. Foreign Driving License.


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